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The Barclay 6-inch Classifier, adaptable to 2-inch and 4-inch sizes, perfectly complements our 4.9-inch Primary Shredder and Conveyors. It features a 50-square-foot screening area and is driven by a 5hp 3-phase motor which means you can process 16 tons of material per hour economically. 6-inch nominal chips meet California’s Integrated Waste Management Board Specification for Alternative Daily Cover (CIWMB Publication #212-97-0241). This Classifier features heavy-duty shafts and abrasion-resistant discs, which maximize uptime and minimize maintenance.

Why Choose Us

Waste is the enemy when it comes to operating a profitable tire recycling operation. Barclay Classifiers improve operational efficiency by ensuring only the rubber that requires further size reduction is reprocessed.

Maximize Efficiency

Optimize the tire shredding process to ensure the maximum amount of usable material is produced from each tire.

Cost Effective

Additional shredding is time-consuming and costly for your business.  Barclay Classifiers help streamline the process.

Eliminate Waste

Eliminate reprocessing waste by processing tires that are a consistent type and shape.

Ergonomic Design

The heavy-duty shafts and abrasion-resistant discs maximize uptime and minimize maintenance to help increase work quality and production.

Research & Development

Barclay classifier with a yellow banner.

Specifications of a tire shredder classifier can vary depending on the specific application and the type of tires being processed.

  • Gearbox/Motor: 5hp integrated inverter gearmotor.
  • Process approximately 16 tons of material per hour.
  • SEW gear motors for years of worry-free operation.
  • Capacity: Helps process 16 tons of material per hour.
  • Screening Area: Large 50-square-foot screening area handles a wide variety of tires.
  • Bearings: Spherical roller.
  • Shafts: 7 x 2 15/16-inch Diameters.
  • Electrical: 480V/60HZ, 390V/50HZ 3-Phase.
  • Leg Mounts: Removable legs.
  • Gearbox/Motor: 5hp integrated inverter gearmotor.
  • Style: Disc screen with abrasion-resistant discs.
  • Feed: Reversible accepts chute.
  • Tire Shred Size: Can produce 6-inch nominal chips per California integrated waste management board specification for alternative daily cover. Barclay also offers 4-inch or 2-inch chip sizes.
  • Chip Size: Produces various configurations of nominal chips: 6-inch, 4-inch, and 2-inch sizes
  • High-Quality Material: Heavy-duty shafts and abrasion-resistant discs help minimize regular maintenance.
  • Accuracy: High-level sorting accuracy ensures the shredder is processing tires of a consistent size and type.
  • Durability: High-quality materials are designed to withstand the wear and tear of continuous use.
  • Maintenance: Easy to maintain and service.