The primary tire shredder has a conveyor belt on it and is a light blue color.

Primary Tire Shredders

Barclay Primary Tire Shredders are considered to be the “workhorse” of the tire recycling industry. Designed to take whole tires as large as 72 inches in diameter, Barclay Primary Tire Shredders cleanly shear high volumes of scrap tires into strips in just seconds. Available in both side-load and top-load configurations, our Primary Shredders can create strip sizes from 4.9 inches (our most popular) up to 10-inch strips.

Why Choose Us

Barclay is the partner of choice for tire recyclers across the globe. Our products deliver the lowest cost per ton to buy, operate, and maintain.

Buy Only What You Need

You don’t have to buy more machines than you need. Barclay starts with understanding your tire processing needs and desired outcomes and develops a device to meet your goals. Save money and achieve greater operational efficiencies by getting the right machine for the job.

Gain Operational Efficiencies

Barclay shredders are more efficient due to their engineering design and tight tolerances. Unlike other tire shredding equipment, Barclay shredders actually cut tires instead of tearing them. This precision cut, which is accomplished through tolerances held to 1/1000th of an inch, enables Barclay shredders to utilize lower horsepower motors saving you significant money through lower energy costs.

Spend Less Time

Barclay Shredder customers save over the competition when it comes to ease of maintenance and the cost of replacement wear parts and knives. Barclay shredder knives are made from heat-treated tool steel that delivers unparalleled durability. Our shredder knives often last 10,000 tons which equals roughly a million tires.

Save on Maintenance

Performing maintenance on Barclay shredders requires no special skills or tools. Barclay customers are able to leverage their own maintenance crew. Changing out a full set of Barclay shredder knives takes roughly 4-5 hours.

Applications for Primary Tire Shredders by Barclay Include

Up close version of just the Barclay primary shredder equipment
  • Pre-shredding – No longer do you have to rely on those high-priced, high-maintenance shredders to process a whole tire into strips. By simply putting our 4.9 inch Primary Tire Shredder in front of your current shredder, you will be able to increase production, decrease maintenance costs, and open your business to accepting larger-sized tires that you could not have processed before.
  • Landfilling – Since landfilling whole tires is no longer legal in most areas, a single pass through our 4.9″ Primary Tire Shredder is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to process a tire for a landfill or monofill.
  • ADC and Civil Engineering Chips – Strips from the 4.9 inch Primary Shredder can be recirculated into a Barclay Secondary Tire Shredder for further volume reduction or classified into 4.9 inch chips.
  • Tire Disposal, Tire Derived Fuel, Crumb Rubber, and Feed Stock – Barclay Primary Tire Shredders make virtually every tire recycling application more efficient and cost-effective. Performing a primary shred of the tires on the front-end of processing ensures more effective processing downstream and less wear-and-tear on secondary equipment.

Rotating Strippers

Rotating strippers continuously clean the cutting chambers to ensure proper material flow and prevent blockages. With this innovative design, you no longer have to deal with stuck tire shreds and spending valuable time replacing wear plates. Barclay’s rotating strippers maximize material throughput resulting in a more efficient operation. Full-sized car tires are able to be shredded in the first pass. The shreds are being cleanly cut and neatly ejected from the cutting chamber. Tires go in the shredder and shreds come out. It’s as easy as that.

Heavy Duty #80 and #100 Chain with Adjustable Chain Tensioners

The lower tire feeder roll comes with slots to easily adjust the tension of the chain, and the rotating stripper shafts come with adjustable chain tensioning slack adjustors which are both easy to adjust and require virtually no shredding downtime.

C-Faced Motor and Gearbox and Drive Train Protection

Barclay primary shredders come with a 75 hp c-faced motor and gearbox that connect to a shear coupling system with replaceable failure point shear pins to protect each shredder from shock loading.

All shredders come fully wired and ready to accept line connection with simple and easy-to-use controls to move the shredder forward or to jog it back, as well as a large, easily pressed emergency stop button.

Barclay 4.9 Primary Tire Shredder Specifications:

    • Weight:

      26,000 lbs

    • Gearmotor:

      75hp 480V 60Hz 9RPM

    • Shaft Specifications:

      Diameter: 9.5 inches
      Speed: 9 RPM
      Orientation: Through Feed

    • Controls:

      Fully wired to accept line connection. Remote mounted control box with independent control of shredder and conveyor.

    • Safety:

      Emergency stop buttons mounted on front and rear of shredder.

    • Cutting Chamber:

      72 inches wide, 12 cuts at 4.9 inch spacing

    • Cutting Knives:

      Cru-wear tool steel
      1.50 inch thick heat-treated and precision ground
      Reversible with two cutting edges per knife
      288 knives per shredder

    • Knife Bases:

      Modified A8 tool steel. Replaceable when worn.

    • Drive Train Protection:

      Couplers with shear pins protect from overloading

    • Rotating Strippers:

      Strippers rotate continuously to clear debris from the cutting chamber

    • Feeding Rollers:

      Chain-driven from main shafts with torque limiting clutch

    • Single Pass Throughput:

      16-20 tons per hour

    • Capacity:

      Up to 72 inches in diameter and no whole tires greater than 5.5 inches compressed