Barclay employee fixing a used shredder machine made for recycling tires

Tire Shredder Rebuild

Barclay is a full-service tire recycling machine provider that will help existing customers extend the life of their equipment by offering rebuilds on used Barclay tire shredders which are in optimal condition to repair. Let our experts inspect and update the entire machine to its best performance.

Why Choose Us

We are intimately familiar with the design, construction, and operation of our equipment. By refurbishing our machines, we can ensure that the quality meets our standards, and that our used products are in optimal working conditions.

Knowledge & Experience

Barclay machine engineers possess the expertise and experience to restore your Barclay tire shredder to its peak performance through our refurbishment services.

Gain Operational Efficiencies

Barclay engineers have a keen eye for detail, exceptional problem-solving skills and a long history in building this equipment for over 25 years.


We stand behind the quality of our equipment and our work. If you experience a manufacturer’s defect, we will work with you to make it right.

Sustainable Option

Refurbishing used machines helps reduce waste and conserve your company’s resources.