Tire Recycling Equipment

Primary Barclay Roto tire shredder without the conveyor belt.

Primary Shredders

Shear large quantiles of scrap tires into strips in mere seconds with our primary shredder.
Barclay's secondary shredder with the ability to further reduce the tire size.

Secondary Shredders

Further reduce the size of tire material previously processed with Barclay’s Secondary Shredder.
Barclay tire equipment machine for recycling tire was has a long yellow banner running across it.


Classifiers ensure only the rubber needing additional size reduction is subjected to reprocessing enhancing the efficiency of the tire-shredding process.
This conveyor belt helps separate the tires to make it easier for transportation


Industry-leading feeder mechanism optimizes the processing of tires and requires less work to operate and maintain.
This blade is placed inside your shredding equipment.

Replacement Blades

Proper cutting blades reduce wear and tear on the machine as it runs more efficiently for longer periods of time.
A base is a part inside the tire recycling equipment that's ready to be inserted into your shredding machine

Replacement Bases

Crafted from premium materials Barclay bases are made to precise tolerances.
Welding a used tire recycling machine for a customer.

Shredder Rebuilds

We rebuild our customers’ used Barclay machines by restoring them to optimal working conditions.