Replacement bases for a Barclay Roto-Shred tire shredder.

Barclay Tire Shredder Bases

Barclay replacement tire shredding bases are made to exact tolerances. All bases are precision-built from tool steel. When it is time for replacement, using genuine Barclay OEM parts are the most cost-effective investment. Purchasing replacement wear parts directly from Barclay ensures the best fit, highest performance, longest wear, and most superior value for the investment.

Why Choose Us

We’ve said it before but it bears repeating – no one knows a Barclay like Barclay.

Using imitation replacement bases can cause your shredder to wear out early and result in lower chip quality. Misalignments and bases that fit loosely, can have a negative impact on your shredder’s performance.

To ensure optimal performance throughout the lifespan of your Barclay shredder, it is important to use only OEM Barclay knives that are manufactured with precise tolerances with premium materials. This will guarantee that your shredder operates just as efficiently on its millionth tire as it did on its first.

OEM Standards

By ordering replacement bases and wear parts directly from Barclay, customers can be confident that they will receive the best fit, highest performance, longest wear, and best value for their investment.


Given the investment you’ve made in your Barclay shredder, it is not worth taking the risk of using low-quality imitation parts.

Exact Tolerances

Only Barclay bases are made to precise tolerances – two thousandths to be exact, which is nearly impossible for others to replicate

In Stock & Ready to Ship

Did you know that Barclay currently has over 3 million dollars worth of inventory in stock and ready to be shipped?