Barclay Secondary Tire Shredders

Secondary Tire Shredders take pre-processed tires and shred them down into smaller chips. Barclay Secondary Shredders are configurable and capable of creating the following chip sizes:

  • 1.4 inch wide tire shreds (model 1.4S)
  • 2.0 inch wide tire shreds (model 2.0S)
  • 3.6 inch wide tire shreds (model 3.6S)

Why Choose Us

The Barclay 2.0S Secondary Tire Shredder is a top-feed shredder designed to further reduce the size of tire material previously processed. With cascading blade sizes ranging from 2.00 inches thick to 1.60 inches, this machine is perfect for producing chips for TDF or granulating and is ideal for running in-line behind a primary shredder.


Top-feed design allows oversized pieces of material to be re-fed into the machine to achieve the desired chip size.

Higher Efficiency

Rotary strippers prevent materials from becoming jammed between the knives resulting in higher efficiency and reducing potential downtime.


Easier knife changes reduce the amount of maintenance required and the overall maintenance time.

Customizable Design

Barclay Secondary Tire Shredders typically cut 2-inch chips but we can manufacture custom machines that produce thinner or wider chips.

Why Barclay?

barclay-secondary-shredder 370-317

Barclay Secondary Shredders features a modular knife/base combination utilizing only three bolts to connect the knife to the base.

  • Easier knife changes
  • Minimizes the amount of maintenance required
  • Reduces the overall maintenance time

Barclay 2S Secondary Tire Shredder Specifications

Weight: 33,000 lbs

SEW Eurodrive
200hp, 3-Phase, 360-480V, 50-60Hz

Shaft Specifications:
Diameter: 13.5 inches
Speed: 9 RPM
Orientation: Through Feed
Rotation Speed: 20-28 RPM

Controls: Fully wired to accept line connection.
Soft start motor starter.

Safety: Emergency stop buttons mounted on
front and rear of shredder.

Cutting Chamber: 48 inches wide, 23 cuts at
varied spacing from 1.60 to 2.00 inch

Cutting Knives:
Cru-Wear tool steel
1.60 to 2.00 inch thick heat treated and precision ground
Reversible with two cutting edges per knife
Modular step-down sizes allows knives to be sharpened up to six times.

Knife Bases: Heat treated D2 tool steel. Replaceable when worn.

Drive Train Protection: Couplers with shear pins protect from overloading

Rotating Strippers: Strippers rotate continuously to clear debris from the cutting chamber. Chain break sensors prevent possible breakage of stripper shafts.

Throughput: 12 tons per hour of graded 2-inch tire chips

Input Material: Pre-cut tire shreds