Lowest Cost per Ton to Buy

  • Customize your tire shredder line to meet your unique requirements
  • Don’t invest in more equipment than you need
  • Get the right shredder for the job

Lowest Cost per Ton to Maintain

  • Less mechanical interference for more machine up-time, more throughput, and fewer headaches
  • Leverage your own maintenance team- No specialty tools required
  • Quick knife change-out time
  • Barclay knives last for roughly 1 million tires before needing sharpened
With more than 25 years in the tire recycling industry, Barclay Roto-Shed LLC knows shredding equipment.
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About Barclay

Barclay designs and manufactures tire recycling solutions that deliver industry-leading operational efficiencies.

Barclay shredders are more efficient due to their engineering design and tight tolerances. Unlike other tire shredding equipment manufacturers, our shredders actually cut tires instead of tearing them.

Stop buying more equipment than you need. Barclay shredders are the most productive and efficient tire shredders – period. Buy a Barclay and get the throughput and ease of maintenance you need without having to buy extra equipment.

Tire Shredding Equipment

Primary Barclay Roto tire shredder without the conveyor belt.
Barclay Tire Shredders cleanly shear high volumes of scrap tires into strips in just seconds.
Barclay's secondary shredder with the ability to further reduce the tire size.
The Barclay Secondary Tire Shredder features a top feed that is designed to further reduce the size of tire material previously processed.
Barclay tire equipment machine for recycling tire was has a long yellow banner running across it.
Barclay Classifiers improve operational efficiency by ensuring only the rubber that requires further size reduction is reprocessed.
This conveyor belt helps separate the tires to make it easier for transportation
The tire processing system features a top-of-the-line conveyor that streamlines Barclay’s tire processing system and requires minimal effort to operate and maintain.
The Barclay-OEM tire shredding blade.
Only Barclay knives are made to precise tolerances – two thousandths to be exact, which is nearly impossible for others to replicate.
A base is a part inside the tire recycling equipment that's ready to be inserted into your shredding machine
Crafted from premium materials Barclay bases ensure every shredder operates as well on the millionth tire as it does on the first.

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