Welcome to Barclay Roto-Shred Inc.   Our company has been manufacturing shredders for the tire recycling industry since 1992.   We believe that a single shredder that processes whole tires to chips sacrifices productivity and has increased maintenance costs.  This has lead to the development of our  4.9" Primary Shredder.  This shredder is designed to take whole tires as large as 72" in diameter and  cleanly shear them into 4.9" strips.  Some uses being found for this shredder are:

  • Pre-Shredding - No longer do you have to rely on those high priced, high maintenance shredders to take a whole tire to chips.  By simply putting our 4.9" Primary Shredder in front of your current shredder, you will be able to increase production, decrease maintenance costs, and open your business to accepting larger sized tires that you could not have processed before.
  • Landfilling - since landfilling whole tires is no longer an option in most areas, a single pass through our 4.9" Primary Shredder is one of the most acceptable and cost effective ways to process a tire for a landfill or monofill.
  • Tire Pile Cleanup - Our 4.9" Primary Shredder can be easily mounted on a trailer along with a generator and moved across the tire pile or across the country.  By bringing the shredder to the tires instead of the tires to the shredder, your transportation costs are cut in half, giving you a competitive edge over others bidding the cleanup.
  • ADC & Civil Engineering Chips - In some configurations, strips from the 4.9" Primary Shredder can be recirculated for further volume reduction or classified into 4.9" chips.
  • Tire Disposal, Tire Derived Fuel, Crumb Rubber, or Feed Stock. Regardless of your end product. If you're in the business of tire recycling, the 4.9" Primary Shredder can help your company be more successful.